linkedinprofilepicTyler creates content. He likes helping small businesses grow using his skill sets. It all starts with an idea and we work with you to flush it out, explore all the options available, and why you might use them (or why you shouldn’t). ┬áHe’s done a lot for small businesses including basic bookkeeping, sales, writing articles (tech & opinion), interviewing, recording audio & video, creating podcasts, creating mini commercials, and everything to help lift the small business out of its dark place and into the wild world of social media interaction.


gregmajsterlinkedinpicGreg is a graphic designer, a videographer, a photographer, a designer, an integrator. He’s done a lot. He loves helping people reach their potential and creating memorable moments for great content. He brings spirit and energy to the social media world and is constantly learning.





Kathryn has several years of experience in the world of content writing.

She’s been doing it since modems connected with **rrr crunch, crunch, moop, moop, moop, ring, ring, beep, boop, beep boop** and just goes to show what magic she can bring from an offline world into the digital era. She’s worked in the digital domain for the Alzheimer Society and volunteering for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. She’s a strong professional and we’re happy she’s on out team!

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