Video. It’s an interesting thing. There’s facebook live, instagram stories, and they can be successful in giving your clients a glimpse into your reality. We produce quality content, using a professional camera, wireless microphones, and lighting. We develop your story and share it with the world and keep them coming back again and again.



Some examples of our work:

A quick and easy sizzle – this sells a new software idea to its users.

Douglas Design Studio needed a video to showcase the latest work they had done. An entire floor of the prestigious Museum House Condos. You need to listen to hear all the tiniest of details that went into completing this look. It’s just incredible.

When my sister asked me who could shoot her wedding video, it was an easy decision…Me and Matt! This was shot on our basic kit package and edited with the help of a friend. I love it…it’s my sister and i think it was a great moment captured on a great day. The song playing is their wedding music. I personally love the colour and audio fades.

An agent friend came to us looking for video to better accentuate his real estate listings. It was a one day shoot, scripted and edited together with a friend giving us a helping hand to deliver everything in a tight timeline. It was shot on our standard package kit. What do you think? Would it work for you?

The install video is long and we opted to cut it into two sections for easier viewing. Here is Pt. 2

After the big success with his original video, Ryan came back to us asking for an instructional video. This was unscripted and a little harder to shoot and edit. The finished product was exactly what Ryan needed to help his clients and make sure he gets the sale. It’s the extra incentives that matter most!

Ryan contacted us about shooting a promotional video for his new product. He was struggling with the high rates he was being quoted from other companies. We stepped in and came in under budget and on time. He now says it’s one of the best tools in selling his product.

This was shot on higher quality cameras and it spent a little more time in the post production process. We, together with Ryan, wrote the script, recorded the dialogue and, shot and editing everything together. The shoot took place over one day, editing took about 40 hours to finish.




Our first video project in Toronto. This is a ten minute show idea that came to life quickly. It was shot on an older DV camera and edited in iMovie.

Matt Cleary takes us on a tour of his newly purchased house. It’s a 100 year old house that needs a total demolition. Matt offers his preliminary insights and thoughts on his next steps.

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