A podcast is a great way to get into your client’s ears! It’s an even better way of connecting with thought leaders and networking your world. You can have access to people never thought possible because you have a way of showcasing them.

We produce, record, edit, and help you develop your podcast. We even do your music and help you sell the ads. We help your promote it and get it into the top of Itunes. This is a great new way of developing your brand.



Our first podcast was for Zygiella. It ran weekly for 52 weeks with co-host Jen Polk, promoting the independent music scene in Toronto. It featured live performances, guest interviews, and talked about the week ahead of music in Toronto. Sadly, It was removed when we shut down the Zygiella.com

In 2015, we technically produced “Remotely Girly”, a podcast featuring 3 female television critics discussing what was happening in the world of TV.

The two podcasts below are some audio for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!