Your Network is your Net Worth

Quick tips on expanding your network and why it’s so important. Grow it wisely; be proactive, strategic, diversify, pay it forward, be dedicated, keep in touch, and use social media! Did you know that when you make a donation to charity, your brain acts in a similar way to when you are having sex or […]

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Curate to Cultivate

The importance of this type of content creation and how to do it easily and with relevance Creating Content can be difficult with bite sized marketing budgets or as a “solopreneur.” Writer’s block is a real thing, video cameras don’t make a celebrity, and information isn’t (yet) downloaded to our brain (I know Kung Fu.) […]

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Douglas Design Studio

Jeffrey Douglas came to us after spending nearly 4 years designing this luxury condo in downtown Toronto. When he arrived, it was empty – just concrete floors and windows. After working with the building to design its mechanical and room layout he went to work finalizing all the details down to the way a chair […]

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Real Estate sale

An agent friend came to us looking for video to better accentuate his real estate listings. It was a one day shoot, scripted and edited together with a friend giving us a helping hand to deliver everything in a tight timeline. It was shot on our standard package kit. What do you think? Would it […]

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Renonation Episode 1

Our first video project in Toronto. This is a ten minute show idea that came to life quickly. It was shot on an older DV camera and edited in iMovie. Matt Cleary takes us on a tour of his newly purchased house. It’s a 100 year old house that needs a total demolition. Matt offers […]

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